Hello loves. I'm sitting in a coffee shop off 2nd street. I had an appointment on this end of town and I decided it was a good excuse for a bike ride. It only takes me about 15-20 minutes to get clear across town. Long Beach really is a little slice of heaven! I took the bike path along the beach, bundled in my vintage minnie mouse bomber and listened to Olivia's seven minute voice note with my headphones for half the ride. She just officially finished her masters! So exciting!! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years. I spent NYE with some of my old friends from High School. We all met up at Jared's house in Venice for a lovely little reunion. This past weekend I headed down to San Diego for Lauren's birthday. It was wonderful to catch up with her and Marina, dance, speak some Portuguese, eat some pão de queijo, etc. It was an ideal way to spend the first moments of 2018. I am so excited for what this year holds. 2017 was anything but predictable and it's so funny that I assumed my life would get more and more predictable as I got older. I don't make this assumption anymore ;) 

cheers to new years and new possibilities