Mini Juice Cleanse

On Monday night I headed up to Manhattan Beach, one of my favorite places, to have dinner with my uncle. He was here for a 12 hour layover on his way to Australia for two months (lucky!). I got there just in time to watch the sunset and then we got a delicious dinner at a restaurant a block up from the beach. After a bottle of wine, three dishes, and a slice of cheesecake I hugged him goodbye and sent him barreling down the street in a taxi, back to the airport. On my way back to my car I stopped by Pressed Juicery and was persuaded to take advantage of a pretty sweet promotion for a one day cleanse. With the cold weather and the holidays it's easy to go into hibernation mode - so it's reinvigorating to give your body a big boost of nutrients. A cleanse was just what I needed! I drank all six of the juices yesterday and ended the day with my second aerial yoga class. The studio is just a five minute walk away. It's SO nice to hang upside-down from stretchy fabric attached to the ceiling, who knew?! The class always ends with you laying sprawled in the hammock, and the last song to play was "What a Wonderful World." It really is too.

take care of yourself