If you've been following along on this month's adventures on my Instagram you know that I am currently in Montana and Spokane was a nice little pit-stop along the way! I flew stand-by with Southwest Airlines and the closest I could get to Montana was Spokane. It just so happens to be where Braxton and Alex live, two guys I met in Vegas a few weeks back. Braxton was kind enough to show me around Spokane on Saturday and introduce me to a few of his friends. The Spokane River was a definite highlight with a drawstring bridge that swayed as you walked across it.

I'm currently in Charlo, Montana staying at my cousin April's house which is right up against the majestic Mission Mountains. This range has snow on the tops year-round and makes for an insanely beautiful backdrop to ... life! I feel immensely grateful to be here. I daydream about coming home to Montana all year long and I haven't been back for two years. Hanging out with my family, watching the deer make their way across the fields, and picking strawberries from the garden - it's been a dream! Photos to come!