Little Dove

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Hello and happy hump day! Today is finally my Friday. I got scheduled for 10 days in a row, so basically two weeks of work all crammed together, but I've finally made it to the promised land! And guess what I get to do tomorrow!? I get to go see my cousin Cheyanna in Joshua Tree and meet her new baby! I am so excited to visit with her and spend some time in the desert. Yesterday I took a pile of clothes that has been sitting in a corner of my room to get tailored. The first place I went was a cleaners/tailor but when I started going through the items the woman cut me off and said she was in the middle of eating lunch and could I come back in 2.5 hours ... I was so confused. I had to go to work in a little over an hour and I felt like she was just turning me away. So I packed my stuff up and found a tailor a few blocks away that is super legit, and all men sewing in the back! The older man at the front had me try everything on and pinned it accordingly. One of my items is a cheetah print maxi dress that I got at the thrift store. I want to shorten it into a mini dress and man was he encouraging that. He kept telling me I could probably make it shorter haha. Very different from when my mom hems my clothes. I'm really excited to get it all back in a week.