All in a Day's Walk

DTLA is kind of my old stomping grounds. I worked down here for a year and commuted for 2.5 hours a day to get here. It's been nice the last couple days to revisit some of my favorite spots and discover some new ones. I took a stroll through Pershing Square and ended up at The Last Bookstore where I found a book I've been searching for all summer. It's called The Chosen by Chaim Potok - a book I read in high school. I remember it capturing the pressure of living up to expectations as a young adult and it had a big emotional impact on me - putting words to feelings I didn't know were shared. I remember telling people it was my favorite book for a while, but I stopped because it turned a simple, "What's your favorite book?" question into a deep discussion that people often weren't looking for. I'm looking forward to rereading it and seeing if it hits my heart the same way it did a decade ago. 

cheers to long walks and the art along the way