I just got off work and it's only noon! I have the whole rest of the day and I have a list running in my head of things I want to get done:

  • gym (I'm so sore that my boss said I was walking like a robot this morning - so I need to go move my muscles)
  • wash my hair (yes, that's making it to the list)
  • nap (I got off late last night and then worked at 6am this morning) 
  • read my new book (trying to stay on that!)
  • laundry (I have no clean workout clothes)
  • take out trash/recycling
  • cook the tofu curry that I have all the ingredients for (eggplant!)
  • clean (trying to clean for at least 30 min a day while being educated/entertained by a podcast - this way my apartment is always so fresh and so clean) 
  • take photos for the blog
  • get ready to go out with Francesca tonight! 

Wish me luck!