Palm Backdrops 4Ever

Hello lovelies! I was quite productive this morning. I got my car detailed and went to the new gym for the first time. I am turning my car in tomorrow and then I will officially be a carless SoCal resident - unheard of! I drive my car so little, just for road trips basically since I live three blocks from work and can bike almost anywhere in Long Beach. My three year lease is up and it just doesn't make sense to spend a bunch of dough on a new car when it isn't necessary. There are other things I'd rather spend that money on ;). I got it thoroughly cleaned at a spot right around the corner and it looks as good as new! I am running one last errand with it tomorrow morning and then dropping it off at the dealership! It's such perfect timing that the new gym opened yesterday so I don't need to drive to the North LB location anymore - and that won't be an option anyways. I walked there today and it's only a mile. There were little restaurants and shops that I hadn't seen before so it will be a fun way to explore downtown a little more as well. 

<3 life is good