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I am oh so sorry for how missing in action I've been on the blog. It's for no good reason to be fair and upfront, other than having other things at the top of my list. My little sissy is in town for the week and I'm so excited for the activities we have planned. I got someone to cover my shift on Wednesday which means I'll have three solid days off to spend with her! Tomorrow we are having a beach/movie day. She mentioned to me that I took her to see the first Mamma Mia ten years ago when she was just nine years old and that, for nostalgic purposes, she'd like to go see the new one with me also (so sweet!). So tomorrow we'll go get our tan on and swim in the deep blue sea and then sneak some popcorn into the movies ;). Sounds like a perfect day to me. The next day I have an errand in LA that I'm dragging her to and then I thought we could go to The Getty. I've never been and she loves art so ... And finally, on Thursday my brother is getting us into Disneyland. We have to meet him at 8 am to get signed in so it will be a FULL day of Disney and California Adventure. Chloe (my sis) and I haven't been in a while and there are some new rides that I'm excited to see. Then she leaves early Friday morning to avoid that pesky LA traffic.