Boots - Forever 21 | Shorts - Zara | Blouse - Anine Bing

Hey babes! The last three weeks have been so eventful and the only way to properly document it would be to do a daily post - which I obviously didn't do - so I have no idea where to start right now. This is a special moment in my life, as all moments are haha, and I would really like to be either blogging or journaling daily so I have something to look back on. I feel like I've gotten very good at appreciating exactly where I am and being aware of each moment's importance in what comes next. However, I am not properly sinking my teeth into capturing it due solely to my lack of organization at the moment. I go through phases of extreme organization and extreme disorder and I am definitely amidst the later. I have so many things on my to-do list everyday that it seems like a big daunting mountain. So far I've been procrastinating until the very last second for all these tasks. I get them done, but with seconds to spare. I would like to be more organized so that Mariamma a month from now isn't STRESSED. I have no regrets about the amount of fun I have had heaped on my plate lately, but it's time to get rid of some of these little thought bubbles that are starting to make the fun feel a little less free. I have an amazing Catalina post coming your way so stay tuned for that. And wish me luck decluttering my physical and mental spaces!