Little Red Dress

Dress - Zara

Happy Halloween loves! I had all these plans to go to a Halloween dance party tonight but I feel like I'm getting sick and I'd rather kick whatever this is rather than risk making myself sicker. So instead, I cooked a healthy Indian dish for lunch, took a bath, then a nap, made myself a spinach and berry smoothie, and now I'm watching a nature documentary series on the Yellowstone thaw in bed. Quite an atypical Halloween, but thankfully I did plenty of celebrating with Lauren and Marina this weekend. One of my coworkers threw a party and it was so fun to see all of my work homies not only out of their work clothes, but decked out in crazy costumes. Luckily I don't work tomorrow so I can sleep in and hopefully get rid of this. My body does not like the cold which has always been so interesting to me since most of my ancestors (that I know of) came from pretty extreme cold. For some reason I'm just a heat-loving, tropical baby ... shrug*.