Last Day of Summer

Well, it’s Fall. As soon as summer ends I go from savoring every second to hoping time flies so we can end up back at summer. At the same time though, I’m excited for what’s to come. I’ve gotten so much more comfortable with the navigating the city and I’ve heard NYC is pretty magical around Christmas time. I’ve just got to save up for some big vacation(s) during January-March to get me through the dark and cold that follows the holidays. Why can’t Christmas be in February so the darkest, coldest months could still be lit up with Christmas lights and hazelnut smells? I am very affected by lack of sunshine so I’m not just wining over here. I am going to need some vitamin D doses to maintain a certain level of happy. Luckily Miami, Rio, Mexico, the Caribbean are just a plane ride away. Watch me fly south like the geese. V-formation baby.

I’m sitting in a little café in South Orange and they are playing old-school Christina Aguilera … makes it okay that I forgot my headphones. I won’t be in this neighborhood for much longer though. I found an apartment where I will have my own room, right off the Path Train that takes you straight into the city. I am so excited to be even closer to New York and to start dancing more as a result. I have felt the absence of dance classes in my life in a big way. Going from dancing at least a couple times a week in Rio to not at all has been jolting. Dancing will also get me through the winter. I hope you are all having a wonderful first day of Fall - and hopefully you’re a little less anxious about the impending Winter than I am haha.


Bem, é outono. Assim que o verão termina, deixo de saborear a cada segundo e espero que o tempo voe para que possamos voltar ao verão. Ao mesmo tempo, estou empolgado com o que está por vir. Fiquei muito mais confortável navegando pela cidade e ouvi dizer que NYC é bastante mágica na época do Natal. Eu só tenho que economizar algumas grandes férias durante janeiro-março para me fazer passar pelo escuro e pelo frio que se segue aos feriados. Por que o Natal não pode ser em fevereiro, para que os meses mais escuros e frios ainda possam ser iluminados com luzes de Natal e cheiros de avelã? Estou muito afetado pela falta de sol, então não estou apenas ganhando por aqui. Vou precisar de algumas doses de vitamina D para manter um certo nível de felicidade. Felizmente, Miami, Rio, México e Caribe estão a uma viagem de avião. Veja-me voar para o sul como os gansos. Formação em V.

Estou sentado em um pequeno café em South Orange e eles estão tocando a música Christina Aguilera da velha escola ... tudo bem que eu esqueci meus fones de ouvido. Eu não vou ficar neste bairro por muito mais tempo. Encontrei um apartamento onde terei meu próprio quarto, logo após o Path Train que o leva direto para a cidade. Estou muito animado por estar ainda mais perto de Nova York e começar a dançar mais como resultado. Eu senti a ausência de aulas de dança na minha vida em grande forma. Passar de dançar pelo menos duas vezes por semana no Rio a nada tem sido sacudido. Dançar também me fará passar o inverno. Espero que todos estejam tendo um maravilhoso primeiro dia de outono - e espero que estejam um pouco menos preocupados com o inverno iminente do que eu, haha.



Mood Board

Oh here we go again! :) I like to save photos that inspire me on Instagram and every so often create a virtual, ‘90s style wall collage. Cork boards and lots of tape … some very good memories! Anyways, here are some images that inspire me artistically. There is so much beauty being created and captured on the daily! I am feeling under the weather today so this was a nice sick-day evening activity. I hope you all have a more exciting Saturday night haha.

Vamos de novo! :) Eu gosto de salvar fotos que me inspiram no Instagram e de vez em quando criam uma colagem de parede virtual dos anos 90. Pranchas de cortiça e muita fita… algumas memórias muito boas! De qualquer forma, aqui estão algumas imagens que me inspiram artisticamente. Há tanta beleza sendo criada e capturada no dia a dia! Eu estou me sentindo um pouco doente hoje, então esta foi uma boa noite de trabalho doentio. Espero que todos tenham uma noite de sábado mais emocionante haha.



Home Body

Black Silk Maxi Slip - A gift from my Mamma

Happy Saturday! I got off of work not too long ago and am currently brainstorming on what to do with the rest of the afternoon. It's a bit chilly today so cozy things are sounding best. This evening I am going to my friend Dani's modern dance performance in Pasadena and then going out dancing with some friends in Hollywood. Should be a festive little night on the town! My friends Sabrina and Meg who I'm going out with tonight are moving to the Caribbean in about ten days, so I'm soaking up as much of them as possible before their impending departure. They have lived a few blocks away from me since I moved to Long Beach and I am so sad to lose such awesome neighbors! I'm obviously very excited for them though and have been playing with the idea of going to visit. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! 



Le Pastel

velvet shift dress - | faux fur jacket - urban outfitters

Hello hello little stranger. I am currently lounging in bed. Today is my Sunday night so to speak and it's been a very lovely 'weekend.' I've been conspiring with a few friends to go on a little getaway. One of my college roommates that I lived with in the dorms is getting her Ph.D. in Santa Barbara and we may have a little reunion next month, plus my friend Lauren in San Diego has a birthday coming up so I may head down there as well. I've had quite a strong travel bug lately and I need an adventure! I finally invested in a 50mm 1.4 lens and I'm obsessed. I just need a smaller case so I can bring my camera everywhere without having to worry too much. I also reinvested in Lightroom and Photoshop and have been having so much fun teaching myself new - more professional - ways of editing. It's a whole new world! 

Hope you're happy. 



Little Red Dress

Dress - Zara

Happy Halloween loves! I had all these plans to go to a Halloween dance party tonight but I feel like I'm getting sick and I'd rather kick whatever this is rather than risk making myself sicker. So instead, I cooked a healthy Indian dish for lunch, took a bath, then a nap, made myself a spinach and berry smoothie, and now I'm watching a nature documentary series on the Yellowstone thaw in bed. Quite an atypical Halloween, but thankfully I did plenty of celebrating with Lauren and Marina this weekend. One of my coworkers threw a party and it was so fun to see all of my work homies not only out of their work clothes, but decked out in crazy costumes. Luckily I don't work tomorrow so I can sleep in and hopefully get rid of this. My body does not like the cold which has always been so interesting to me since most of my ancestors (that I know of) came from pretty extreme cold. For some reason I'm just a heat-loving, tropical baby ... shrug*. 



Bay Area

This weekend I headed to The Bay to visit my friend Xtina and see Solange play a life altering show at the Greek Theatre. Christina and I danced together in high school so we go way back. I stayed with her in Oakland and we did a lot of exploring - visiting Lake Merritt, Berkeley, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate Bridge, and took a dance class (that I am still SO sore from) in the Mission District. We ate really well along the way too. All in all it was a pretty perfect weekend. 



Solange photo cred to @shelbymayes, @itgoesanandanand, and @rchlstl <3

Bel Air

Hoops - NY&Co | Nude Top - F21 | Skirt - Thrifted | Boots - Amazon 

Photos by Alli Nadine

I am trying so hard to blog more! I have all these ideas for posts floating around my head but I realize I should just get in the habit of posting, whether it's well-thought out or not. My goal really is to post once a day - so you can see I'm slacking. I don't want to put too much pressure on written content though. My focus is on the photos. I've been strangely tired this week however, which has stood in my way a bit. Other than going on a long bike ride along the coast, going out to dinner and drinks with some coworkers, and running some errands, I've primarily spent the week at home. Last night I fell asleep at 8 pm and I still woke up groggy. I've been cooking for myself a lot so I know that I'm not lacking nutrients. I'll just listen to my body I suppose. It sort of gives me no choice ;). Tonight my friend Victoria is coming over to check out my new place and eat dinner. I'm cooking a polenta and mushroom dish and have a fresh bottle of wine ready and waiting! I really love to cook, but I especially love cooking for others.



Fire & Ice

Ayyy bae bae. So much new! I moved into my own place this week and life is GOOD! I am living in downtown Long Beach, three blocks from work (a seven minute stroll), and three blocks from the beach! It has an amazing view and most my new coworkers live in the same hood too. I literally haven't driven and haven't needed to for the past three days. I can walk EVERYWHERE! I feel so so so grateful that this gypsy summer of mine is ending on such a high note. A space that is all mine and so fine. 

New life who dis?!

 It's Mariamma b*tches.

Little Tokyo & The Arts District

Hi yous! Last weekend my mamma wanted to see where I worked and after I showed off our office view, we headed deeper into Downtown. We ended up wandering through vintage shops in Little Tokyo before crossing the street into the Arts District where you literally can't take a step without seeing some piece of art. I really liked all the stencil graffiti on the sidewalk. There's sooo much to see in LA. I've already been here for five months and I still feel like whenever people ask me if I've been certain places I have to say no. This city feels like a giant maze with cool new stuff at every turn. So happy to be here. :) 

feliz friday 



I am freaking out about the election results right now so I decided to distract myself for a few moments with a blogpost. WTF is going on right now USA?!!! Tomorrow is moving day at the office. We spent the last bit of the day packing up our desks and movers will come tomorrow to carry it all over to the new location. I'm so excited to be in a new, more spacious place! However, I may need to move outside the U.S. shortly if Trump wins ... so I won't get too settled ;). This slip dress was sent to me by and I really like it. It looked a bit pinker in the photos but I prefer the (naked) champagne color in-person. It would definitely require a slip to wear in public - doesn't leave much to the imagination if you know what I mean. 

let us pray 


Living For the Weekend

Hi babes! I had a bit of a rough week. I got really sick at work on Wednesday and left early.  I was out of commision Thursday too but was back by Friday. I decided to cut my cleanse short because I'm not sure if the herbal pills I was taking were the cause. Either that or they were working and I just really needed to be cleansed haha.  Friday night I hung out with Jackson on the couch and watched Love & Basketball and The Notebook back to back. Whatever channel that was, thank you ;). Saturday I did laundry, cleaned, visited a really cool plant nursery near my house that is only open one day a week, and then went on a lovely adventure with Carolina. Afterwards, she came over for a girls' wine/pizza/sleepover night  with my roommate and some of her friends as well. Today I went to dance class and then caught up on some work so I'm not behind tomorrow after missing a couple days. If only Monday was part of the weekend ... life would be perfect. 

muito amor 



Sábado Gigante was kind enough to send me this top, along with a slip dress that I will feature soon.

Hey hey. I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog the last couple weeks - sorry! I have been in a bit of a lull, probably somewhat related to the rainy weather, but I know LA/California needs it. I had a really great weekend last week though. I went out with some friends in Long Beach Saturday night. First stop was a gorgeous bar with high ceilings and chandeliers that had a speakeasy below ground. You literally had to knock on a door and give a password to enter the bar - all moody lighting and red velvet. On Sunday I spent the whole day with my brother at Disneyland. Tonight I'm staying in and taking a break from the hustle and bustle.  I'm on a cleanse for the next few weeks that includes six Chinese herbal pills every morning and prohibits me from drinking alcohol or coffee and eating sugar or fried foods. No partying for me until my friends' wedding! 

love ya 


Brunch with a View

This past Sunday I got to catch up with my friend Stacey who I haven't seen since we studied abroad together in Rio! It's been three years! It was yet another birthday brunch - this time up in the hills with a beautiful view. A breakfast buffet, bottomless mimosas, and lots to catch up on is a recipe for a good time. I was watching my roommate's dog Jackson this week so after brunch I scooped him up at home and we went on a little hike along the beach. He just wanted to run and run. He's a tiny yorkie so I didn't expect him to be as fast as he was - a fun surprise :). And the sunset was the perfect end to one of my favorite weekends I've had in LA thus far.