Dress Like Me Feature

Good morning ladies and gents! One of the more flattering things happened this week in the world of blogging. I was featured on the website DressLikeMe! They did an amazing write-up, highlighting a couple of my instagram posts and breaking down the styling. I blushed through reading it and was really flattered by how they described my style: “… very much old world meets new, and her looks often have a European vibe mixed with modern American boldness.” This was the ultimate compliment and I’d love for you to take a look. Check out the article by clicking the link HERE.

Bom dia senhoras e senhores! Uma das coisas mais lisonjeiras aconteceu esta semana no mundo dos blogs. Fui apresentado no site DressLikeMe! Eles fizeram um artigo incrível, destacando algumas das minhas postagens no instagram e quebrando o estilo. Corei lendo e fiquei realmente lisonjeada com a forma como descreveram meu estilo: "... o velho mundo encontra o novo, e sua aparência costuma ter uma vibração européia misturada com a moderna ousadia americana". Esse foi o último elogio e eu adoraria para você dar uma olhada. Confira o artigo clicando no link AQUI.

Museo do Amanhã

Yesterday I spent the day with my friend Dana and her little family. She and I studied abroad together here in Rio five years ago but she moved back a while later and ended up getting married and having a baby. She lives back in her hometown of Chicago but it just so happened that she would be bringing her baby to Brazil for the first time this week! It was so lovely to reconnect with her. She has always been someone that makes everything more fun. And meeting her husband and baby was icing on the cake. We met at Confeitaria Colombo which is a historical landmark here in Rio. It opened originally in 1894 and still stands in its original building. It’s known for its pastries and for its chic reputation; until 1970 men had to wear full suits and women had to be wearing hats in order to dine there. I had a delicious hazelnut pastry. After our little sugar rush we walked to Museu do Amanhã to admire the building and all the surrounding murals. The day ended in Santa Teresa, an adorable neighborhood above downtown on a steep hill. We shared a big pot of moqueca which is a seafood curry of sorts with coconut milk, spicy oil, and creamed rice. The museum didn’t exist when I was here five years ago and I hadn’t been back to Santa Teresa in a long time so it was nice to mix the old and the new. I hope you’re all having a lovely day, wherever you are. 

Ontem passei o dia com minha amiga Dana e sua pequena família. Ela e eu estudamos no exterior juntos aqui no Rio há cinco anos, mas ela voltou um tempo depois e acabou se casando e tendo um bebê. Ela mora em sua cidade natal, Chicago, mas aconteceu que ela estaria trazendo seu bebê para o Brasil pela primeira vez esta semana! Foi tão lindo se reconectar com ela. Ela sempre foi alguém que torna tudo mais divertido. E conhecer o marido e o bebê era a cereja no bolo. Nós nos conhecemos na Confeitaria Colombo, que é um marco histórico aqui no Rio. Foi inaugurado originalmente em 1894 e ainda está em seu prédio original. É conhecido por seus doces e por sua reputação chique; até 1970, os homens tinham que usar ternos completos e as mulheres tinham que usar chapéus para jantar lá. Eu tinha uma deliciosa massa de avelã. Depois da correria do açúcar, caminhamos até o Museu do Amanhã para admirar o prédio e todos os murais da redondeza. O dia terminou em Santa Teresa, um bairro adorável acima do centro da cidade em uma colina íngreme. Nós tínhamos compartilhado uma panela grande de moqueca que é um caril de frutos do mar ou tipos com leite de coco, óleo picante, e arroz chamuscado. O museu não existia quando eu estava aqui há cinco anos e eu não voltava a Santa Teresa há muito tempo, então foi legal misturar o antigo e o novo. Espero que todos vocês tenham um ótimo dia, onde quer que estejam.



Lace & Denim

Lace Top - Victoria's Secret | Denim Dress - Thrifted | Boots - Free People

Hey hey! I hope you're doing well! I've a had a really nice couple days off. It started off with a movie/wine night in the bathtub. This has become one of my (not so guilty) pleasures. It's been quite chilly considering summer is around the corner and sometimes I just crave to be warmed to the bones, which a bath provides! The wine and movie just make it that much nicer. I tend to overheat quickly too so the movie or show distracts me and allows me to stay in a bit longer. You should try it ;). I've been to the gym both days I had off too. I was so sore this morning from yesterday but I still went to a Butt/Belly/Thighs workout class this morning. I don't think it would have been very hard if I hadn't been SO sore. It felt good to move all that lactic acid through my system though and I rolled out my muscles a bit on a foam roller after class. Afterwards I went to get a smoothie. Did you guys know that Jamba Juice has a 'secret' menu? I thought I'd try one that was recommended called the "Red Gummy." It was a little too sweet for me but it did taste so much like a gummy bear! I'll probably stick with my favorite Peanut Butter Banana one ;). 



Valentine's Day

Top - Express | Shorts - Thrifted | Over-the-Knee Boots - Free People | Jacket - Thrifted

Photos by KDotPhotography 

Happy belated V-day you filthy animals! I know that a lot of people find this day cheesy af ... I'm one of them ... but at the same time, who cares?! Let's just all be cheese-balls and be down for a day that promotes showing appreciation for the ones you love! You don't have to do it with even one gift, just spend that time :). I had a lovely little evening in Hyland Park (first time there) going to an M. Ward show that gave me tingles at one point. It's fun to get a little dressed up and go be moved by some music. 

I hope you had a wonderful day then and are having a wonderful day now. 

Cheers to happy holidays that don't preside in December. 




Top - Thrifted | Pants - Stolen from my Ma :) | Booties - Circus by Sam Edelman 

Good morning! Today is my last day in Santa Barbara and luckily Nicole has the whole day free to spend with me! Yesterday we had lunch together and then I headed downtown while she met with a professor for a few hours. I wandered around, popping into shops while sipping on a matcha latte from Good Cup. When Nicole was done we met up and headed to dinner at a restaurant in La Arcada. I'm just waiting for her to wake up right now so we can go wander around more today. I'll head back to Long Beach this evening ... just in time for traffic. 

Have a lovely Friday! 


La Palma

Vintage Jacko Jeans - LB Flea Market | 90s Booties - Thrifted | Vintage Belt - Thrifted | White Tee - Hanes

This has been a lovely week! Before heading back to Las Vegas for Christmas, my friend Brittany threw an epic dinner party that turned into an all night dance-o-thon when we took it to Pine Street. My next morning at work wasn't pretty, but it was worth it ;). I had dinner with my friend Elly at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. It was both of our first times there and I am definitely a fan. We serve a gourmet version of the Southern classic at work but I've been antsy to try the original. It was nice to catch up and show her my place as well. My mom came into town a couple days ago and will be staying with me 'til Christmas, then we have a room booked for three nights at a fancy hotel across from the beach and I have all three days off to enjoy the stay-cation! Working for Marriott has some definite perks! I developed a bit of a cold today so I'm already daydreaming about the hot tub. 

Cheers to a lovely end to 2017, and hope on the horizon that 2018 will be the best one yet! 



Laguna Beach

Hello there! These photos were taken a couple weeks ago in Laguna Beach with some of my babely San Diego friends. I met Anna, Lauren, and Marina there after my breakfast shift on Saturday (so nice that I'm done by 11:00 or 12:00) and we had a fun and sun-filled afternoon. Afterwards we headed to Urth Cafe and grubbed out. I hadn't been there in so long! Lauren and I split the butternut squash pizza and a salad. So good! Afterwards, Marina and Lauren came back up to Long Beach with me and we got ready for my friend Leo's Halloween party. We took so many silly videos that night but no pictures! The next morning the girls came into my work to have brunch and I joined them when I was done. It was such a nice weekend! It's actually been pretty cold here in Long Beach and I'm missing that heatwave that had me at the beach just a few weeks ago! I'm ready for summer already! I have a very full week coming up and I need to get some stuff in order to make it all go smoothly so have a lovely night and I'll update you soon! 



Bay Area

This weekend I headed to The Bay to visit my friend Xtina and see Solange play a life altering show at the Greek Theatre. Christina and I danced together in high school so we go way back. I stayed with her in Oakland and we did a lot of exploring - visiting Lake Merritt, Berkeley, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Golden Gate Bridge, and took a dance class (that I am still SO sore from) in the Mission District. We ate really well along the way too. All in all it was a pretty perfect weekend. 



Solange photo cred to @shelbymayes, @itgoesanandanand, and @rchlstl <3

Bel Air

Hoops - NY&Co | Nude Top - F21 | Skirt - Thrifted | Boots - Amazon 

Photos by Alli Nadine

I am trying so hard to blog more! I have all these ideas for posts floating around my head but I realize I should just get in the habit of posting, whether it's well-thought out or not. My goal really is to post once a day - so you can see I'm slacking. I don't want to put too much pressure on written content though. My focus is on the photos. I've been strangely tired this week however, which has stood in my way a bit. Other than going on a long bike ride along the coast, going out to dinner and drinks with some coworkers, and running some errands, I've primarily spent the week at home. Last night I fell asleep at 8 pm and I still woke up groggy. I've been cooking for myself a lot so I know that I'm not lacking nutrients. I'll just listen to my body I suppose. It sort of gives me no choice ;). Tonight my friend Victoria is coming over to check out my new place and eat dinner. I'm cooking a polenta and mushroom dish and have a fresh bottle of wine ready and waiting! I really love to cook, but I especially love cooking for others.



Slip of the Tongue

slip - thrifted | shirt - thrifted | shoes - kensie

Styled and shot by my fave: Olivia Bwalya

This week someone said to me that people in our lives are either blessings or lessons - and something in me hesitated when I heard it. I didn't understand why it didn't sit quite right with me until today, and the reason is that I feel that lessons are blessings as well. They suck a little harder than straight blessings, don't get me wrong, but they are something to be grateful for just the same. This summer has been transformative and growth is never easy. I am so looking forward to getting a second to catch my breath from all the obstacle hurtling. But you never know with life. I won't assume it'll let up anytime soon. I'll just enjoy the blessings as they come and do my best to listen to the omens.




Time is beautiful, 

A figment of our imagination or not, 

It passes as it wishes, 

Fast then slow, through your wading fingertips

A burst of movement 

Right before a slow crawl


Time heals and that is beautiful, 

Slowly painting layers over once raw wounds

She lays glistening medicinal sap along your back

And your scrape is transformed 

You catch a glimpse of yourself - over your shoulder

Perhaps when you throw some salt over the left side

And it is gone, fresh skin, glowing and hopeful

Stronger too

Has taken its place in the destiny of your freckled skin

Mapped out before birth,

Each hiccup of melanin planned and carefully placed

By the decisive hand of The Universe


Time will tell where the map will take you, 

Which sun rays will have their way with you,

Where the wounds will be inflicted and how they'll heal 

But they will heal, 

Because time is beautiful and she is on your side

At your side

Fingers intertwined 

She has your back

And a forest full of tree sap

Vancouver, WA

Shorts - Vintage | Top - F21 | Choker - Hot Topic

These were taken in my friend Sperry's backyard in Vancouver. I drove down with her and her fiancé and spent a few days with them and with family in neighboring Portland before flying back to Southern California. I got to see my baby cousins, two of which had just been born the month before and I got to go vintage shopping with a friend. Portland has some very cool little spots for that sort of thing. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to see family and friends. Visiting people really is one of my favorite hobbies.

Happy Monday 


Daisy Dream

Hello!! I am sitting in candle/lamplight (my fave) in a lovely room in Missoula at the moment. I have a few friends that I want to see here in town so I snuck off the Reservation and am staying with a family friend. Her house is a short walk from downtown - all along the river I might add - so I am very happy with the location. Last night I met my friend Riley for drinks. We've known each other since 2nd grade because our brothers became best friends. It was so nice to catch up and hear about his family's amazing three week canoeing trip through Alaska! Montanans really are special humans - respectfully unafraid of weather and always exploring. Today was my first full day here. I drank coffee and visited with my lovely host, Sarah, in the morning and then walked downtown where I discovered some new shops and a Brazilian restaurant! I had it for lunch and dinner thanks to my leftovers! I also visited my favorite vintage shop and got a couple goodies that I will share later. After lunch I walked home to get a ride with Sarah to an African dance class on the other side of town. It was SO much fun. The lead drummer moved here recently from Guinea so the music for class was awesome. There are apparently a couple Congolese refugee families in Missoula and three siblings, a boy and his two little sisters, danced in the front line the entire class. It was a lovely start to my evening. I came home and showered and then walked 45 minutes to Western Cider to meet my friend Marion who is a manager there. We talked for a few hours, catching up on two years isn't quick, but it sure is fun. I really love old friends. We all grow and change so much and it's comforting to do it together. Home is awesome. Summer is great. Life is fucking superb. 


Manhattan Beach

Whatttttup! I had a sweet little lunch date with my friend Alli today in Manhattan Beach. There are so many pricey little spots but then we stumbled on our kind of spot: cheap and tasty Mexican food! It was so nice to explore and window shop ... and I may have made a swimsuit purchase. Summer is almost here and you know I'll be ready ;). 



Rare LA Rain

Bodysuit - Lulus.com | Jeans - Fashion Nova | Dr. Martens Boots - Thrifted | Coat - American Eagle

These photos were taken last weekend when we got a sudden and rare bout of rain. It was perfect timing because all I really wanted to do was chill at home - and that's what I did except for going out Saturday night with Ryan and John in Huntington Beach and hitting the LB Flea Market on Sunday. This weekend is going to feel extremely long because I won't be back in the office until Wednesday. I'm working from home for the Lulus Cyber Monday sale. How luxurious, right?! Happy Friday! 




Ayy bae bae. I'm currently posted up in a coffee shop in Culver City, headed to a dance class in a sec. This past weekend was my coworker Liz's birthday (so many birthdays!) and I went a little too hard Friday night. I woke up at noon on Saturday, got water, and went back to bed 'til three. The weekends already seem fast so when you sleep a whole day away practically ... Monday comes too quick. I think I'm going to take a break from going out haha. Sunday was nice though. I went to dance class and there was a guest teacher: a woman I danced with in Brazil! She's pretty famous in the dance community and I went up after class to thank her and she remembered me! I was very flattered. Then I met up with my brother and we went back to my place to cook a delicious spicy noodle stir fry. I was so excited to take some to work with me for lunch until Raoul went back for 2nds, 3rds, etc. I forget how much that kid can eat! Oh well, my mom will be happy I got some veggies in him. 



Brown Eyed Girl

Today was a long day at work. We're prepping for showing dresses to Nordstrom and we did a mini photo shoot today to create images they can reference when they order.  I was the makeshift photographer - a scary feat since I have 0 studio experience.  I can't complain though, it's nice to get to do something different - change it up ;). I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday though! I'm already looking forward to sleeping in, though I've been really bad at it lately. 

much love