Desert Rose

I just finally made the post about the church and vineyard which you can see below. The wifi at my mom’s is so slow so I have to head to a nearby coffee shop for some speedy internet. I thought I’d do another quick update while I’m here since I’ve been sitting on these photos Jenelle took of me in her super photogenic backyard. I had an amazing dinner last night at my friend Cecilia and Bruno’s. Bruno is from Brasil and Cecilia and he met there. It was exactly what I needed. I feel particularly strange today … emotional in general. I’ve been sitting on this egg, so to speak, for about five months and it’s about to hatch! I’m ready to see and explore what comes next. The anticipation has a jittery sort of energy, like new love. I’m spending tonight with another group of friends which will hopefully calm these nerves. I feel like I’m in Chico to scoop up some love for my journey. I’m lucky to have this place and all the people it houses.

all in my feelings ;)

Acabei de fazer o post sobre a igreja e a vinha que você pode ver abaixo. O wifi na casa da minha mãe é tão lento, então eu tenho que ir a um café nas proximidades para uma internet rápida. Pensei em fazer outra atualização rápida enquanto estiver aqui desde que estou sentada nessas fotos que Jenelle tirou de mim em seu quintal super fotogênico. Eu tive um jantar maravilhoso ontem à noite na minha amiga Cecilia e Bruno. Bruno é do Brasil e Cecilia e ele conheceu lá. Era exatamente o que eu precisava. Eu me sinto particularmente estranho hoje ... emocional em geral. Eu estou sentada neste ovo, por assim dizer, por cerca de cinco meses e está prestes a nascer! Estou pronto para ver e explorar o que vem depois. A antecipação tem um tipo de energia nervosa, como um novo amor. Estou passando esta noite com outro grupo de amigos que, esperamos, acalmará esses nervos. Eu sinto que estou em Chico para pegar um pouco de amor pela minha jornada. Tenho sorte de ter este lugar e todas as pessoas que ele abriga.

tudo em meus sentimentos ;)


Jungle Haus

Happy Friday folks! Today is my Sunday so-to-speak. There are free yoga classes outside overlooking the ocean every weekday at 11 in Long Beach and I've been going on my days off for the past month. It's becoming a bit of a habit which is nice.  I brought my computer and some documents with me so I could do my taxes at a coffee shop afterwards but I just realized I'm missing a W-2 form so I'll blog now ... do taxes later. I was scheduled last week for eight days straight and I was SO tired by the end of the week. I feel like I still need more sleep. Maybe nap then taxes ;). 


Having a unique name (at least in this part of the world) means that I have never found my name on a keychain or mini license plate. My grandparent's recognized that I would miss out on this very important ;) piece of American culture and gave me quite a few personalized items over the years to assure I didn't feel left out. I cherish all of them. I've had this necklace since elementary school and refused to wear it to school for fear of breaking it during one of my cut-throat tetherball tournaments or while defending a soccer goal. I'm grateful for my forethought because now, twenty years later, I can still rock it and reminisce on how lovely my family has been to me. 'Tis the season for thoughtful gifts. Inspired? I am.



Peaches & Cream

I just sat down and had a delicious vermicelli rice noodle salad, complete with tofu and about a pound of sriracha. It's funny to think back to sriracha being spicy for me. I eat it like ketchup now. Ridiculous, but I think my worth as a woman is tied up in my ability to eat spicy food. It's something I'm proud of. My friend Francesca's mom told me last night that she can't handle eating chilis anymore. She said that when she was a teenager her mom would make a pork chili verde dish and one time she made it so spicy that it burnt a hole in the tupperware and did something similar to her esophagus. I hope I  never reach a point where my body says no but my mouth says yaaaas. Peaches and cream may not be a very fitting title for this post after all :). 

hoping you're happy, 


Manhattan Beach

Whatttttup! I had a sweet little lunch date with my friend Alli today in Manhattan Beach. There are so many pricey little spots but then we stumbled on our kind of spot: cheap and tasty Mexican food! It was so nice to explore and window shop ... and I may have made a swimsuit purchase. Summer is almost here and you know I'll be ready ;). 



What a Steel

jacket: Urban Outfitters/sunglasses: Ray Ban/shorts: Thrifted/necklace: Lulus/rings: Forever21/shoes: Boutique in Brazil

It's the freakin' weekend!

The last half of work yesterday was a jumble of steaming bridesmaid dresses to show Nordstrom, tidying up for the meeting on Monday, and laughing a lot because we were all bit delirious. I caught up on the phone with my friend Jennah while traffic crawled on the way home and then passed out watching Narcos on Netflix upon arrival. I "slept in" 'til 6:45 this morning ... what is wrong with me?! I've turned back into a full-fledged morning person. 

Today I have a fun day planned with my brother and his gf! Happy Saturday!