Good Read

I am attempting to start a new book. As a kid I was such an avid reader. I remember being so interested in books that I would wake up in the middle of the night and crouch next to a lamp on the floor to get a little more time reading. It's frustrating now that books tend to just put me to sleep. I've said quite a bit that, "When I'm actually an adult I'll read every day before bed," rather than watch TV or scroll through Instagram. So I have yet to reach full adulthood. I have heard so many things about how using screens right before bed isn't ideal and I'd love to start a healthier habit. This week I will read before bed even if it just makes me sleepy. It's also occurred to me that maybe I should find some more enthralling books haha. 




Feliz Friday y'all! I don't have much planned for the rest of the day except some house projects. I'm currently at a coffee shop on 2nd street and I'm planning on picking up a painting that needed the glass fixed in the frame on my way home. A couple months back I did a post about spray-painting the frames of four pieces of artwork that I bought at the flea market. They are a set and I wanted to hang them in a certain formation together but the beams in the wall were going to make that tricky. The guy at the hardware store convinced me to buy this heavy-duty, double-sided adhesive that could hold up to 300 lbs (supposedly) to the wall. Long story short, one of them fell off of the wall (in the middle of the night I might add) and shattered. I took the rest down fearing the same fate and finally got around to getting it fixed. Now I can hang them all the old-fashioned way haha. 

Sometimes simple is better. Lesson learned. 




Happy hump-day folks. I just had two lovely days off - a bit productive and a bit relaxing. I am about to go check out a michelada spot with my friend Ashley. One of the chefs at work told us that it is the best place in SoCal so we are going to investigate! These photos were taken last week on a little Saturday outing in the sunshine. This park is in-between Long Beach and Seal Beach and I decided to do some exploring. I had taken photos with a photographer there but I had only really seen the entrance. I was curious about how far back it went. In true SoCal fashion, it wasn't very large and was surrounded by fancy houses haha. I'm really craving a getaway into nature. I'll just wait for it to warm up a bit and then I'll scheme :). 



Velvet Top - Target | Jeans - Anine Bing | Booties - Circus by Sam Edelman | Necklace -

Hello! Happy Friday! I just got back home from the chiropractor. Anyone who knows me knows how much I crave my back cracked so the chiropractor is more of a treat than a chore. I sprained my neck a few days ago and it was still not feeling healed so I had an expert take a look. My whole neck has felt warm since I left the appointment ... maybe it got the blood flowing again! Anyways, tomorrow is the annual Women's March in DTLA and I am going with my friends Meg and Joeye. I didn't go last year and was a bit embarrassed about it so I requested the day off this year and made a plan to get myself there! With all the sexual harassment and assault cases that have been brought to light this past year, I feel that it's super important to show face and support other women! I'm bringing my old camera with me and am hoping for some great, inspiring photos to share here. Stay tuned. 



Peaches & Cream

I just sat down and had a delicious vermicelli rice noodle salad, complete with tofu and about a pound of sriracha. It's funny to think back to sriracha being spicy for me. I eat it like ketchup now. Ridiculous, but I think my worth as a woman is tied up in my ability to eat spicy food. It's something I'm proud of. My friend Francesca's mom told me last night that she can't handle eating chilis anymore. She said that when she was a teenager her mom would make a pork chili verde dish and one time she made it so spicy that it burnt a hole in the tupperware and did something similar to her esophagus. I hope I  never reach a point where my body says no but my mouth says yaaaas. Peaches and cream may not be a very fitting title for this post after all :). 

hoping you're happy,