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I realize that I never told you guys that I got a new computer! My old one would crash every time I opened up Lightroom or Photoshop so I was doing all my editing on my phone which decreases the quality. I am having such a good time experimenting with editing on my gorgeous little space grey MacBook Pro! This will mean more blogging and higher quality images! Because I had to transfer all the images I edited back onto my computer to make a blogpost, it was harder and therefore didn’t happen often. Now I can just transfer whatever I want to post on instagram onto my phone, one at a time. So much nicer! Last night my little gang of friends here in Chico got together for dinner at my friend Jenelle’s new place. She has such a knack for decorating, and the house itself is so cute, so it’s just all-around gorgeous! I’m happy I gave myself two weeks in Chico so I can see everyone more than once at a relaxed pace. It is a little strange not to be working, but I am going to enjoy it!

Eu percebo que eu nunca disse a vocês que eu tenho um novo computador! Meu antigo travaria toda vez que eu abria o Lightroom ou o Photoshop, então eu estava fazendo todas as minhas edições no meu telefone, o que diminui a qualidade. Estou a divertir-me a experimentar a edição no meu fantástico MacBook Pro cinzento cinzento! Isso significará mais blogs e imagens de maior qualidade! Como tive que transferir todas as imagens que eu editei de volta para o meu computador para fazer uma postagem no blog, era mais difícil e, portanto, não acontecia com frequência. Agora posso transferir o que quiser postar no instagram para o meu telefone, um de cada vez. Muito melhor! Ontem à noite minha pequena gangue de amigos aqui em Chico se reuniu para jantar no novo local da minha amiga Jenelle. Ela tem tal talento para decorar, e a casa em si é tão fofa, então é linda! Estou feliz por ter me dado duas semanas em Chico para poder ver todo mundo mais de uma vez em um ritmo descontraído. É um pouco estranho não estar trabalhando, mas vou aproveitar!



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I'm up far too late with far too much energy right now. I have to pack tomorrow to go to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to get a lot of things done tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get sleepy soon. I just read through my last few posts and all I talk about is how sore I am haha. I am sorry if I sounded like a broken record! I think it's just a novelty while I'm getting back into shape and it has literally been making it hard to walk so it's been on my mind a lot lately haha. Last night I went to dance class and learned how to do something I've wanted learn for so long. I was practicing a bunch at work today when I thought no one was looking and got caught a few times. After class some of the girls and I went to Taco Tuesday at a restaurant/bar nearby and got margaritas. It was a really nice ending to the day. 

Cheers to new dance moves and margaritas! 



Hey hey! I just got back from getting my nails fixed. I went over to my friend Linda's house after work and her dog jumped up on me and broke a nail haha. I came home to grab a jacket before I bike to dance class in 30 min. Even though I get to be active at work I have been feeling so antsy. I need to be exercising more! My long walks on the beach are lovely, but they're not satisfying my need to sweat! A new gym is opening up around the corner though so that may be a good option. I wish there were more dance studios in DTLB! 




Happy hump-day folks. I just had two lovely days off - a bit productive and a bit relaxing. I am about to go check out a michelada spot with my friend Ashley. One of the chefs at work told us that it is the best place in SoCal so we are going to investigate! These photos were taken last week on a little Saturday outing in the sunshine. This park is in-between Long Beach and Seal Beach and I decided to do some exploring. I had taken photos with a photographer there but I had only really seen the entrance. I was curious about how far back it went. In true SoCal fashion, it wasn't very large and was surrounded by fancy houses haha. I'm really craving a getaway into nature. I'll just wait for it to warm up a bit and then I'll scheme :).