Headed to São Paulo

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A quick update! I am headed to São Paulo this morning to visit Leah. She is thinking of moving here to Rio for the Summer so I thought I’d take advantage of her still being there for a visit. I’ll be back Monday, hopefully with some awesome photos and stories to share!

Uma atualização rápida! Eu estou indo para São Paulo esta manhã para visitar Leah. Ela está pensando em se mudar para o Rio para o verão, então eu pensei em tirar vantagem dela ainda estar lá para uma visita. Eu voltarei na segunda-feira, espero que com algumas fotos e histórias incríveis para compartilhar!



Red Cross

Earrings - Boohoo | Top - Boohoo | Skirt - Vintage

I'm up far too late with far too much energy right now. I have to pack tomorrow to go to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to get a lot of things done tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get sleepy soon. I just read through my last few posts and all I talk about is how sore I am haha. I am sorry if I sounded like a broken record! I think it's just a novelty while I'm getting back into shape and it has literally been making it hard to walk so it's been on my mind a lot lately haha. Last night I went to dance class and learned how to do something I've wanted learn for so long. I was practicing a bunch at work today when I thought no one was looking and got caught a few times. After class some of the girls and I went to Taco Tuesday at a restaurant/bar nearby and got margaritas. It was a really nice ending to the day. 

Cheers to new dance moves and margaritas!