I made it back to Jersey. Esther and I ended up having flights that got in at the exact same time so I got a ride home with her. We are about to get in our pajamas and watch Sex and the City. Tomorrow we are going to take the train into New York for some sunny day exploring … finally! Have a good night!


Eu voltei para Jersey. Esther e eu acabamos tendo vôos que chegaram ao mesmo tempo, então eu fui para casa com ela. Estamos prestes a entrar em nosso pijama e assistir Sex and the City. Amanhã nós vamos levar o trem em Nova Iorque durante algum dia ensolarado que explora… finalmente! Tenha uma boa noite!



Honey Child

Dress - Feira Hippie

Good afternoon! I am in Leblon, avoiding being home while the empregada is there. I went to the gym this morning and didn’t eat anything beforehand - always a mistake. It’s too hot to do that sort of thing. I gave myself a fat headache so I thought I’d go see a movie and bring my computer to work on a few things while I was out and about. These are activities that allow one to be inside with free air conditioning during the heat of the day. My friend decided he wanted to come to the movies so I’m waiting until after six when he’ll be free. I ended up getting a pair of Melissa sandals at the mall. Melissa is a Brazilian brand that makes fancy, grown-up jelly sandals haha. All my nineties babies will remember the good ol’ jelly sandals. I’ve eyed a few pairs but part of me didn’t feel like they were my style. I love the ones I got - matte beige with a sporty heel with visible traction. I’ll definitely be posting an outfit in them soon. 

Boa tarde! Estou no Leblon, evitando estar em casa enquanto a empregada está lá. Fui à academia esta manhã e não comi nada de antemão - sempre um erro. Está muito quente para fazer esse tipo de coisa. Eu me dei uma dor de cabeça gorda, então eu pensei em ir ver um filme e trazer meu computador para trabalhar em algumas coisas enquanto eu estava fora de casa. Estas são todas as atividades que permitem que você esteja dentro com ar condicionado livre durante o calor do dia. Meu amigo decidiu que ele queria ir ao cinema, então eu espero até as seis quando ele estiver livre. Eu acabei adquirindo um par de sandálias de Melissa no centro comercial. A Melissa é uma marca brasileira que faz sandálias de geleia adultas e caras haha. Todos os meus bebês dos anos 90 se lembrarão das boas e velhas sandálias gelatinosas. Eu olhei alguns pares, mas parte de mim não parecia o meu estilo. O amor que eu tenho - fosco bege na cor com um salto esportivo com tração visível. Eu definitivamente estarei postando uma roupa neles em breve.



Headed to São Paulo

Silk Scarf - Mamma | Top - Boohoo | Earrings - Vintage

A quick update! I am headed to São Paulo this morning to visit Leah. She is thinking of moving here to Rio for the Summer so I thought I’d take advantage of her still being there for a visit. I’ll be back Monday, hopefully with some awesome photos and stories to share!

Uma atualização rápida! Eu estou indo para São Paulo esta manhã para visitar Leah. Ela está pensando em se mudar para o Rio para o verão, então eu pensei em tirar vantagem dela ainda estar lá para uma visita. Eu voltarei na segunda-feira, espero que com algumas fotos e histórias incríveis para compartilhar!




Good afternoon babes! I was supposed to have today off but I got a call right after yoga this morning that someone needs tonight covered. Luckily I didn't have any plans until later tonight so that works out pretty well. And now I get to postpone my free day, which I'm not mad at. The Grand Prix was in Long Beach this weekend which meant it was really busy at work and parking was almost impossible. I worked from 2-midnight on Saturday and then 8:30-4:30 Sunday so I was exhausted last night. Nothing too exciting to update you on.



Red & Gold

Hey there beauties! Today at work there was a story being covered on the news about two whales that swam up into the Seal Beach channel and got stuck when the tide went out. Whales (and horses) are my favorite animals and I've never seen one in the ocean so I headed there straight after work. A little crowd had gathered to watch. The area the whales were confined to was so small. I just kept thinking how scared or worried they must be. I'm glad they had each other at least. It was amazing to see their fins and bursts of air from their blowholes so closely! I sang a little song to Yemanja and prayed that the ocean takes them back safely. I just saw a little update and it looks like they are still in the channel but doing okay. Hopefully they'll get to return to the ocean during the night. I'll post an update! 



Valentine's Day

Top - Express | Shorts - Thrifted | Over-the-Knee Boots - Free People | Jacket - Thrifted

Photos by KDotPhotography 

Happy belated V-day you filthy animals! I know that a lot of people find this day cheesy af ... I'm one of them ... but at the same time, who cares?! Let's just all be cheese-balls and be down for a day that promotes showing appreciation for the ones you love! You don't have to do it with even one gift, just spend that time :). I had a lovely little evening in Hyland Park (first time there) going to an M. Ward show that gave me tingles at one point. It's fun to get a little dressed up and go be moved by some music. 

I hope you had a wonderful day then and are having a wonderful day now. 

Cheers to happy holidays that don't preside in December. 




Jacket - Vintage Armani | Jeans - Burlington | Booties - Free People 

My internet is up and running! I was planning on spending the day outside but it has turned into a very lounge-y day instead. It's still only 2 pm so there's still time ;). Its so nice to just relax at home though. The weather has gotten a bit cooler this week and the breeze that comes in through the window has me in a sweatshirt and slippers right now. There are palm trees outside my window, rustling and swaying in the gentle wind. I feel like I'd rather bundle up than close the window. I want to feel like I'm in the canopy. 




Time is beautiful, 

A figment of our imagination or not, 

It passes as it wishes, 

Fast then slow, through your wading fingertips

A burst of movement 

Right before a slow crawl


Time heals and that is beautiful, 

Slowly painting layers over once raw wounds

She lays glistening medicinal sap along your back

And your scrape is transformed 

You catch a glimpse of yourself - over your shoulder

Perhaps when you throw some salt over the left side

And it is gone, fresh skin, glowing and hopeful

Stronger too

Has taken its place in the destiny of your freckled skin

Mapped out before birth,

Each hiccup of melanin planned and carefully placed

By the decisive hand of The Universe


Time will tell where the map will take you, 

Which sun rays will have their way with you,

Where the wounds will be inflicted and how they'll heal 

But they will heal, 

Because time is beautiful and she is on your side

At your side

Fingers intertwined 

She has your back

And a forest full of tree sap

What a Steel

jacket: Urban Outfitters/sunglasses: Ray Ban/shorts: Thrifted/necklace: Lulus/rings: Forever21/shoes: Boutique in Brazil

It's the freakin' weekend!

The last half of work yesterday was a jumble of steaming bridesmaid dresses to show Nordstrom, tidying up for the meeting on Monday, and laughing a lot because we were all bit delirious. I caught up on the phone with my friend Jennah while traffic crawled on the way home and then passed out watching Narcos on Netflix upon arrival. I "slept in" 'til 6:45 this morning ... what is wrong with me?! I've turned back into a full-fledged morning person. 

Today I have a fun day planned with my brother and his gf! Happy Saturday!