Desert Dessert

A few weekends ago I went on a little day trip to the desert. I just needed some silence and solitude. I love me some city, but I can't live without my nature. There is something so magical about the desert and its muted shades. No harsh hues but lots of snarled cacti that will insert themselves in your feet via your open-toed sandals ... BEWARE ;).  

smooches on smooches 


Living For the Weekend

Hi babes! I had a bit of a rough week. I got really sick at work on Wednesday and left early.  I was out of commision Thursday too but was back by Friday. I decided to cut my cleanse short because I'm not sure if the herbal pills I was taking were the cause. Either that or they were working and I just really needed to be cleansed haha.  Friday night I hung out with Jackson on the couch and watched Love & Basketball and The Notebook back to back. Whatever channel that was, thank you ;). Saturday I did laundry, cleaned, visited a really cool plant nursery near my house that is only open one day a week, and then went on a lovely adventure with Carolina. Afterwards, she came over for a girls' wine/pizza/sleepover night  with my roommate and some of her friends as well. Today I went to dance class and then caught up on some work so I'm not behind tomorrow after missing a couple days. If only Monday was part of the weekend ... life would be perfect. 

muito amor 



Sábado Gigante was kind enough to send me this top, along with a slip dress that I will feature soon.

Hey hey. I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog the last couple weeks - sorry! I have been in a bit of a lull, probably somewhat related to the rainy weather, but I know LA/California needs it. I had a really great weekend last week though. I went out with some friends in Long Beach Saturday night. First stop was a gorgeous bar with high ceilings and chandeliers that had a speakeasy below ground. You literally had to knock on a door and give a password to enter the bar - all moody lighting and red velvet. On Sunday I spent the whole day with my brother at Disneyland. Tonight I'm staying in and taking a break from the hustle and bustle.  I'm on a cleanse for the next few weeks that includes six Chinese herbal pills every morning and prohibits me from drinking alcohol or coffee and eating sugar or fried foods. No partying for me until my friends' wedding! 

love ya 



Happy Monday folks! Let's just take a second to remember our blissful weekends ... 

Saturday was spent at Disneyland with my brother and his gf. All the Halloween decorations were up already! So fun! I've never been to Disneyland around this time and a lot of the rides get a little spookier :). 

Sunday I met up with a new friend and her posse for some beers and beach time. She showed me this awesome bar in Hollywood with a front door that looks like a refrigerator.  The inside was 70s themed with carpet on the ceiling, old lamps, a record-spinning DJ, and a bar in a trailer out back. I'll def be revisiting it.