Living For the Weekend

Hi babes! I had a bit of a rough week. I got really sick at work on Wednesday and left early.  I was out of commision Thursday too but was back by Friday. I decided to cut my cleanse short because I'm not sure if the herbal pills I was taking were the cause. Either that or they were working and I just really needed to be cleansed haha.  Friday night I hung out with Jackson on the couch and watched Love & Basketball and The Notebook back to back. Whatever channel that was, thank you ;). Saturday I did laundry, cleaned, visited a really cool plant nursery near my house that is only open one day a week, and then went on a lovely adventure with Carolina. Afterwards, she came over for a girls' wine/pizza/sleepover night  with my roommate and some of her friends as well. Today I went to dance class and then caught up on some work so I'm not behind tomorrow after missing a couple days. If only Monday was part of the weekend ... life would be perfect. 

muito amor