Good morning from California! These photos are from last week at the little pousada I stayed at in Búzios. I actually decided to stay an extra day there because it was so lovely. I’m currently sipping on tea and visiting with my friends Max and Jenelle in their brand new home in Sacramento. Jenelle was sweet enough to come get me from the airport in San Francisco and I am going to spend the day here and then head to Chico tonight. Have a lovely Saturday! 

Bom dia da Califórnia! Essas fotos são da semana passada na pequena pousada em que fiquei em Búzios. Eu realmente decidi ficar um dia extra lá porque era tão adorável. Atualmente estou tomando chá e visitando meus amigos Max e Jenelle em sua nova casa em Sacramento. Jenelle foi doce o suficiente para vir me buscar no aeroporto de San Francisco e eu vou passar o dia aqui e depois ir para Chico hoje à noite. Tenha um lindo sábado!



Honey Child

Dress - Feira Hippie

Good afternoon! I am in Leblon, avoiding being home while the empregada is there. I went to the gym this morning and didn’t eat anything beforehand - always a mistake. It’s too hot to do that sort of thing. I gave myself a fat headache so I thought I’d go see a movie and bring my computer to work on a few things while I was out and about. These are activities that allow one to be inside with free air conditioning during the heat of the day. My friend decided he wanted to come to the movies so I’m waiting until after six when he’ll be free. I ended up getting a pair of Melissa sandals at the mall. Melissa is a Brazilian brand that makes fancy, grown-up jelly sandals haha. All my nineties babies will remember the good ol’ jelly sandals. I’ve eyed a few pairs but part of me didn’t feel like they were my style. I love the ones I got - matte beige with a sporty heel with visible traction. I’ll definitely be posting an outfit in them soon. 

Boa tarde! Estou no Leblon, evitando estar em casa enquanto a empregada está lá. Fui à academia esta manhã e não comi nada de antemão - sempre um erro. Está muito quente para fazer esse tipo de coisa. Eu me dei uma dor de cabeça gorda, então eu pensei em ir ver um filme e trazer meu computador para trabalhar em algumas coisas enquanto eu estava fora de casa. Estas são todas as atividades que permitem que você esteja dentro com ar condicionado livre durante o calor do dia. Meu amigo decidiu que ele queria ir ao cinema, então eu espero até as seis quando ele estiver livre. Eu acabei adquirindo um par de sandálias de Melissa no centro comercial. A Melissa é uma marca brasileira que faz sandálias de geleia adultas e caras haha. Todos os meus bebês dos anos 90 se lembrarão das boas e velhas sandálias gelatinosas. Eu olhei alguns pares, mas parte de mim não parecia o meu estilo. O amor que eu tenho - fosco bege na cor com um salto esportivo com tração visível. Eu definitivamente estarei postando uma roupa neles em breve.



Birthday Back Home

Photos by Jenelle Zavala

Dress - Thrifted (and tailored by my Mamma moments before this little shoot <3)

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I went home to Chico, CA for my birthday last week. I was unsure what I wanted to do this year for my birthday but this last-minute decision worked out beautifully! Last year I was tucked into the Montana mountains. It was the perfect place to reflect on the year I had just had and the year ahead of me. I didn't want this year to be anything less and thanks to my beautiful Mamma and lovely friends it was a perfect day. I kind of feel like I was 27 for multiple years, even though it flew by in other ways. Birthdays are opportunities to check in. They're mile markers ... Are you where you thought you'd be? Do you want to do more? Less? Create a new path even if it requires hacking your way through with a machete? Haha 

cheers to new years 


The Final Hour

Today was pretty great. Work was really slow this morning so I got sent home after just two hours and decided to go sign up for that gym that will be opening up soon downtown. They have a good deal going on right now and they have another location that's only 20 minutes away that I can go to in the meantime. Dancing once a week isn't enough! I'm excited to take advantage of both the equipment and the classes. After signing up for the gym I went to yoga outside on the bluff and then to get some tea. When I got home and saw that I got a parking ticket (I forgot about the damn street sweeping) and was feeling a bit frustrated so I headed to the gym and let off some steam haha. I'm feeling good and sore after a nice hot shower. 

Happy Monday 


Jungle Haus

Happy Friday folks! Today is my Sunday so-to-speak. There are free yoga classes outside overlooking the ocean every weekday at 11 in Long Beach and I've been going on my days off for the past month. It's becoming a bit of a habit which is nice.  I brought my computer and some documents with me so I could do my taxes at a coffee shop afterwards but I just realized I'm missing a W-2 form so I'll blog now ... do taxes later. I was scheduled last week for eight days straight and I was SO tired by the end of the week. I feel like I still need more sleep. Maybe nap then taxes ;). 

Summer Reads

Hello lovelies! I finished rereading The Alchemist this week ... a book everyone should read at least once, and now I'm picking up where I left off with State of Wonder. A common thread through both: Brazil! The Alchemist is written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho and State of Wonder takes place in Brazil and even has some Portuguese dialogue, which I've been enjoying. Makes me feel sorry for whoever reads that book and has to type everything into google translate haha! I recently asked in an insta post about suggestions for "happy summer reads" and got two responses which I will add to my list. I'd really like to get in the habit of reading everyday again. Cheers to adventures in print and in your head! 



Manhattan Beach

Whatttttup! I had a sweet little lunch date with my friend Alli today in Manhattan Beach. There are so many pricey little spots but then we stumbled on our kind of spot: cheap and tasty Mexican food! It was so nice to explore and window shop ... and I may have made a swimsuit purchase. Summer is almost here and you know I'll be ready ;). 



Desert Dessert

A few weekends ago I went on a little day trip to the desert. I just needed some silence and solitude. I love me some city, but I can't live without my nature. There is something so magical about the desert and its muted shades. No harsh hues but lots of snarled cacti that will insert themselves in your feet via your open-toed sandals ... BEWARE ;).  

smooches on smooches 


70 Degrees

dress: Lulus/boots: Thrifted

Today was actually kind of blustery, but still pretty warm in true LA fashion. At work we looked at a potential new office space. It's right across the street from the building we're in now, but it's on the top floor and has a roof deck and a view of Downtown ... so it's way better! We all got pretty excited about it, but nothing is locked down. I went to a hip-hop class this evening and now it's time for sleepzzzzzz.