I made it back to Jersey. Esther and I ended up having flights that got in at the exact same time so I got a ride home with her. We are about to get in our pajamas and watch Sex and the City. Tomorrow we are going to take the train into New York for some sunny day exploring … finally! Have a good night!


Eu voltei para Jersey. Esther e eu acabamos tendo vôos que chegaram ao mesmo tempo, então eu fui para casa com ela. Estamos prestes a entrar em nosso pijama e assistir Sex and the City. Amanhã nós vamos levar o trem em Nova Iorque durante algum dia ensolarado que explora… finalmente! Tenha uma boa noite!




Hello! It's been a busy week, but it always bugs me when it takes this long for me to post again! My mamma is visiting this week. I picked her up from the airport late Monday after dance class and she'll be here until Sunday. I realized this is the first time I've really hosted her. She's been taking full advantage of the hot tub and the kitchen ... no complaints here ;).

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was really nice - and not our typical family holiday. Raoul came over for waffle breakfast in the morning, then I baked the pumpkin pie while we waited for Jackson, my roommates dog, to be dropped off. We all went to the 80 degree dog beach in Long Beach for a few hours. That puppy loves to run! We ran so much and at one point he got completely soaked by a wave, but I couldn't tell if it was on purpose. He didn't seem mad about it and I laughed pretty hard. We came home and ate a delicious dinner and pie! Such a sweet day. 

Happy belated Thanksgiving