We're In It | 2019

We are officially two weeks into the new year and I haven’t really taken a moment to reflect and identify what I want to work on in the new year. We are always working on ourselves ideally, but I like to take moments like my birthday and New Years to take a second and assess where I am and where I’d like to be. I watched Jenn Im’s youtube video on her resolutions and she suggested only making three so that you remember them.  So here they are.

  1. Spend more time checking in with yourself- writing just for you, blogging and saying what you really mean, having meaningful conversations with others, listening

  2. Blog more - network, continue to prioritize creative photos, think outside the box

  3. Health - cook more, be outside more, dance more, go to the gym more, prioritize sleep, wake up every morning asking yourself what you need to make it a wonderful day

    Do you have any “resolutions” for the year?

Estamos oficialmente há duas semanas no novo ano e eu realmente não levei um momento para refletir e identificar o que eu quero trabalhar no novo ano. Estamos sempre trabalhando em nós mesmos de forma ideal, mas eu gosto de aproveitar momentos como meu aniversário e Ano Novo para aproveitar um segundo e avaliar onde estou e onde gostaria de estar. Eu assisti ao vídeo do youtube de Jenn Im sobre suas resoluções e ela sugeriu que fizesse apenas três para que você se lembrasse delas. Então aqui estão eles.

  1. Passe mais tempo checando com você mesmo - escrevendo apenas para você, blogando e dizendo o que você realmente quer dizer, tendo conversas significativas com outras pessoas, ouvindo

  2. Blog mais - expandir, continue a priorizar fotos criativas, pensa fora da quadra

  3. Saúde - cozinhar mais, estar fora mais, dançar mais, ir ao ginásio mais, priorizar o sono, acordar todas as manhãs, se perguntando o que você precisa para torná-lo um dia maravilhoso

    Você tem alguma "resolução" para o ano?

Feliz Ano Novo


Spring Mood Board

The new Instagram feature where you can save photos has quickly turned into a mood board. Scrolling through, I started to realize how cohesive my photos and interests are and thought they would make a nice collage to share. I hope these images inspire you as they've inspired me! There is a lot about social media that doesn't sit right with me but the ability to share and have access to inspirational art is undeniable. 



Red & Gold

Hey there beauties! Today at work there was a story being covered on the news about two whales that swam up into the Seal Beach channel and got stuck when the tide went out. Whales (and horses) are my favorite animals and I've never seen one in the ocean so I headed there straight after work. A little crowd had gathered to watch. The area the whales were confined to was so small. I just kept thinking how scared or worried they must be. I'm glad they had each other at least. It was amazing to see their fins and bursts of air from their blowholes so closely! I sang a little song to Yemanja and prayed that the ocean takes them back safely. I just saw a little update and it looks like they are still in the channel but doing okay. Hopefully they'll get to return to the ocean during the night. I'll post an update! 




Having a unique name (at least in this part of the world) means that I have never found my name on a keychain or mini license plate. My grandparent's recognized that I would miss out on this very important ;) piece of American culture and gave me quite a few personalized items over the years to assure I didn't feel left out. I cherish all of them. I've had this necklace since elementary school and refused to wear it to school for fear of breaking it during one of my cut-throat tetherball tournaments or while defending a soccer goal. I'm grateful for my forethought because now, twenty years later, I can still rock it and reminisce on how lovely my family has been to me. 'Tis the season for thoughtful gifts. Inspired? I am.




Time is beautiful, 

A figment of our imagination or not, 

It passes as it wishes, 

Fast then slow, through your wading fingertips

A burst of movement 

Right before a slow crawl


Time heals and that is beautiful, 

Slowly painting layers over once raw wounds

She lays glistening medicinal sap along your back

And your scrape is transformed 

You catch a glimpse of yourself - over your shoulder

Perhaps when you throw some salt over the left side

And it is gone, fresh skin, glowing and hopeful

Stronger too

Has taken its place in the destiny of your freckled skin

Mapped out before birth,

Each hiccup of melanin planned and carefully placed

By the decisive hand of The Universe


Time will tell where the map will take you, 

Which sun rays will have their way with you,

Where the wounds will be inflicted and how they'll heal 

But they will heal, 

Because time is beautiful and she is on your side

At your side

Fingers intertwined 

She has your back

And a forest full of tree sap

Flea Market Finds

I'm a woman of my word! Here are photos of my 2 flea market finds. I know, not a ton of stuff, but quality over quantity ;). I have been wanting a good sized purple geode but they are often expensive or just not exactly what I'm looking for. I feel like it has to speak to me haha. It has to have good juju, and this one does. I love how it wraps around to the back and it's cut so it can lay in a lot of different ways. The earrings were only $4 and they hang really nicely and are very light. I definitely want to go back to the flea market. There are always such unique things!