I'm Moving Abroad!


Hello beautiful people! If you follow me on instagram then you saw yesterday that I announced that I am moving back to Brazil next month and moving away from Long Beach in just two short weeks! All the previous posts about being a little distant from the blog and trying to stay organized have all really been about preparing for this move. I couldn't share that I was moving until I had given my notice to work so I've been holding a lot of what is going on with me back. I'm so excited that now we can all be on the same page and I can take you on this adventure, because it will no doubt be an adventure. I lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for a full year in college and only came back because I needed to in order to graduate. Never wanting to leave in the first place means I've always wanted to go back and I guess I just needed a little help realizing that this was the perfect moment. In April I went to a wedding with a lot of old college friends and after dancing my booty off my friend Kathleen asked me, while we huddled around a fire, why I had never moved back. In that second where my brain tried to give her the excuses it had been giving itself, I realized that my car lease and apartment lease were both expiring within months of each other this summer. It is perfect timing to just let it all go. I spent the seven hour car ride back to Long Beach calling everyone who could help me decide if I was being crazy or if this really was what I should do. You can guess how those phone calls went! It feels absolutely amazing to be listening to my heart. I have no pets, no children, now is the time to fling myself into the flow of the universe and pursue my own personal legend - if you've read The Alchemist then you know ;). I've also decided that I will translate all my blogposts into Portuguese as a way to practice and learn and so that my blog will be more accessible to my beloved Brazilians! Thanks for all the love and support I have received thus far. Y'all are the best. 


Olá lindos! Se você me seguir no instagram, então você viu ontem que eu anunciei que voltaria para o Brasil no mês que vem e me mudaria de Long Beach em apenas duas semanas! Todos os posts anteriores sobre estar um pouco longe do blog e tentar se organizar realmente foram uma preparação para esse movimento. Eu não pude compartilhar que estava me movendo até que eu tivesse dado meu aviso para trabalhar, então eu assegurei muito do que está acontecendo comigo de volta. Estou tão animada que agora todos podemos estar na mesma página e eu posso levá-lo nesta aventura, porque sem dúvida será uma aventura. Eu morei no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil por um ano na faculdade e só voltei porque precisava me formar. Nunca querer sair primeiro significa que sempre quis voltar e acho que precisava de uma pequena ajuda para perceber que aquele era o momento perfeito. Em abril, fui a um casamento com um grupo de amigos da faculdade e depois de dançar meu saquinho da minha amiga Kathleen me perguntou enquanto nos amontoávamos ao redor de uma fogueira porque eu nunca havia me mudado de volta. Naquele segundo, quando meu cérebro tentou dar a ela as desculpas que ela estava dando a si mesma, percebi que meu aluguel de carros e apartamentos estava expirando em meses um do outro neste verão. É o momento perfeito para deixar tudo e ir. Passei a viagem de sete horas até Long Beach, chamando todos que pudessem me ajudar a decidir se eu estava sendo maluca ou se era realmente o que eu deveria fazer. Você pode adivinhar como esses telefonemas foram! É absolutamente incrível estar ouvindo meu coração. Não tenho animais, estou sem filhos, agora é a hora de brincar no fluxo do universo e seguir minha própria lenda pessoal - se você ler O Alquimista, então você sabe;). Eu também decidi traduzir todos os posts do meu blog para o português como uma maneira de praticar e aprender e tornar meu blog mais acessível aos meus amados brasileiros! Obrigado por todo o amor e apoio que recebi até agora. Vocês são os melhores.




Newport Sunset

I was on a bit of a roll there last week with posting and then this week got the best of me! There was a lot going on both at work and at home but it seems to be settling nicely. The last few days in Long Beach have been soooo beautiful. A little taste of summer that leaves me wanting more! I started off today by going to the gym and then getting my hair trimmed and getting a boba tea on the way home. The last time I grew my hair out I was so adamant about not using heat on it and it was so healthy. This time around I have had a lot more fun styling it (that's what it's for after all ... and maybe warmth haha) but I can definitely tell the difference in health. I chopped a few inches off the bottom but it's so long now you can't really tell. After I got home I walked a couple miles in the sun to the Goodwill and ate some fruit with lemon and tajin from a cart along the way. A long juicy walk ;). I didn't find anything at the thrift store today, which is rare. The photo above was taken in Newport Beach this past weekend. My friend Francesca and I met there for a beach picnic and coffee date <3. 



Spring Mood Board

The new Instagram feature where you can save photos has quickly turned into a mood board. Scrolling through, I started to realize how cohesive my photos and interests are and thought they would make a nice collage to share. I hope these images inspire you as they've inspired me! There is a lot about social media that doesn't sit right with me but the ability to share and have access to inspirational art is undeniable. 



Corona Del Mar

Yet another late post! This was an awesome day ... Olivia's first day in LA after we drove up from Tijuana/San Diego. We headed straight to a hike with my friend Lauren who was one of my college roommates right before I went to Brazil and met Olivia! It was a super hot day so we ended it in the water at a beach none of us had ever been to. Olivia and I purchased the matching shorts we are wearing at a famous street market in Rio called Uruguaiana. We bought them our last week together in Rio which meant we didn't get a chance to show off our twinsie outfit so I was sooo excited when she pulled them out of her suitcase. I miss her! 

may you all have a twinsie as amazing as mine 

thx for the photos Lauren!