Spring Mood Board

The new Instagram feature where you can save photos has quickly turned into a mood board. Scrolling through, I started to realize how cohesive my photos and interests are and thought they would make a nice collage to share. I hope these images inspire you as they've inspired me! There is a lot about social media that doesn't sit right with me but the ability to share and have access to inspirational art is undeniable. 



Friday Morning

Good Morning! It's a grey day here in LA and ... somehow that made me crave waffles. Maybe it's the nostalgia for cozy mornings at my Mamma's house where she always makes waffles and a smoothie. Spoiled. I'm slacking on the smoothie part. I'm just chilling on the couch in-between the puppy and my roomie, helping her pick wedding invites. Cheers to weekend! 



Autumn's B-day Brunch

Miss Autumn's birthday is on Thursday and we decided to celebrate a bit early! She spent the night and plans changed from going out to watching Love Actually on the couch. We got up this morning and went for brunch in Long Beach at a place called Nick's on 2nd. It was absolutely delicious (probably the best waffles I've had - besides my mamma's). Afterwards we walked to the ocean, only a block away, and quickly discovered that it was a dog beach. Literally everyone had a puppy and we were very entertained by all the cute creatures. Autumn did a little handstand on the beach and came down right on my head haha. I have a little kink in my neck but it should be fine by tomorrow for dance class. It was a lovely day!

I hope you are all having a great weekend!