Santa Barbara

Happy Monday y’all! I am currently in Maryland at my aunt’s condo. Najah and I flew to come see Victoria this weekend in D.C. and my aunt lives just a metro ride away so I get to see/stay with her as well! These photos were taken in Santa Barbara, on an early morning mission last week. I love me some palm trees and ocean … I hope you all have a great start to your week. My aunt should be home any minute and I’m hoping to go get some lunch and explore a bit. 


Feliz segunda-feira! Estou em Maryland no condomínio da minha tia. Najah e eu voamos para vir ver Victoria neste fim de semana em D.C. e minha tia mora a apenas uma viagem de metrô, então eu posso ver / ficar com ela também! Essas fotos foram tiradas em Santa Bárbara, em uma missão matinal na semana passada. Eu amo-me algumas palmeiras e oceano ... Espero que todos tenham um ótimo começo para a sua semana. Minha tia deve estar em casa a qualquer momento e eu espero ir almoçar e explorar um pouco.

Newport Sunset

I was on a bit of a roll there last week with posting and then this week got the best of me! There was a lot going on both at work and at home but it seems to be settling nicely. The last few days in Long Beach have been soooo beautiful. A little taste of summer that leaves me wanting more! I started off today by going to the gym and then getting my hair trimmed and getting a boba tea on the way home. The last time I grew my hair out I was so adamant about not using heat on it and it was so healthy. This time around I have had a lot more fun styling it (that's what it's for after all ... and maybe warmth haha) but I can definitely tell the difference in health. I chopped a few inches off the bottom but it's so long now you can't really tell. After I got home I walked a couple miles in the sun to the Goodwill and ate some fruit with lemon and tajin from a cart along the way. A long juicy walk ;). I didn't find anything at the thrift store today, which is rare. The photo above was taken in Newport Beach this past weekend. My friend Francesca and I met there for a beach picnic and coffee date <3. 



Corona Del Mar

Yet another late post! This was an awesome day ... Olivia's first day in LA after we drove up from Tijuana/San Diego. We headed straight to a hike with my friend Lauren who was one of my college roommates right before I went to Brazil and met Olivia! It was a super hot day so we ended it in the water at a beach none of us had ever been to. Olivia and I purchased the matching shorts we are wearing at a famous street market in Rio called Uruguaiana. We bought them our last week together in Rio which meant we didn't get a chance to show off our twinsie outfit so I was sooo excited when she pulled them out of her suitcase. I miss her! 

may you all have a twinsie as amazing as mine 

thx for the photos Lauren!