Something Saturday

Dress - Forever 21

Hey babes! It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I stayed up late chatting and drinking wine with Ana so I slept in this morning. It was supposed to be rainy today but at the moment it is hot and all blue skies! You never know with the tropics though. It could be pouring in 20 minutes. I started a gym membership this week and I’ve been feeling so good. I took about a month off after I moved out of Long Beach and I thought that maybe walking in the mornings and going to dance twice a week would be sufficient. I was wrong haha! I was feeling so antsy. One day I walked three miles to dance class, took an hour and a half class, and then walked home and still wasn’t sore the next day. That’s when I decided to get a membership … which was a bit tricky without a CPF (Brazilian ID number). The walk there is so pretty too so I’m getting my morning walk AND some sore glutes, so I’m happy! Hope you have a lovely Saturday! 

Ei babes! É uma linda tarde de sábado. Eu fiquei acordada até tarde conversando e bebendo vinho com Ana, então dormi esta manhã. Era suposto estar chuvoso hoje mas no momento está quente e todo o céu azul! Você nunca sabe com os trópicos embora. Pode estar derramando em 20 minutos. Eu comecei uma associação de academia esta semana e estou me sentindo muito bem. Eu levei cerca de um mês de folga depois que eu saí de Long Beach e pensei que talvez andar de manhã e ir dançar duas vezes por semana seria suficiente. Eu estava errado haha! Eu estava me sentindo tão ansioso. Um dia eu andei três milhas até a aula de dança, levei uma hora e meia e depois fui para casa e ainda não estava dolorido no dia seguinte. Foi aí que decidi conseguir uma assinatura ... o que foi um pouco complicado sem um CPF (número de identidade brasileiro). A caminhada até lá é tão bonita, então eu estou fazendo minha caminhada matinal e alguns glúteos doloridos, então estou feliz! Espero que você tenha um lindo sábado!



Bel Air

Hoops - NY&Co | Nude Top - F21 | Skirt - Thrifted | Boots - Amazon 

Photos by Alli Nadine

I am trying so hard to blog more! I have all these ideas for posts floating around my head but I realize I should just get in the habit of posting, whether it's well-thought out or not. My goal really is to post once a day - so you can see I'm slacking. I don't want to put too much pressure on written content though. My focus is on the photos. I've been strangely tired this week however, which has stood in my way a bit. Other than going on a long bike ride along the coast, going out to dinner and drinks with some coworkers, and running some errands, I've primarily spent the week at home. Last night I fell asleep at 8 pm and I still woke up groggy. I've been cooking for myself a lot so I know that I'm not lacking nutrients. I'll just listen to my body I suppose. It sort of gives me no choice ;). Tonight my friend Victoria is coming over to check out my new place and eat dinner. I'm cooking a polenta and mushroom dish and have a fresh bottle of wine ready and waiting! I really love to cook, but I especially love cooking for others.