Birthday Girl

Good afternoon! I am currently in Fort Myers, Florida and the humidity is real! I tried to take a photo of my hotel view and had to be quick because the lens was fogging up so fast! There is supposedly a mini waterpark at the hotel so my friend Colleen and I are about to go find it! The sunny weather is such a nice surprise because yesterday the weather said it was going to storm. These photos were taken on my birthday just last week in the absolutely wonderful city of Oporto! What a dream … 


Boa tarde! Eu estou atualmente em Fort Myers, Flórida e a umidade é real! Eu tentei tirar uma foto da minha visão do hotel e tive que ser rápido porque a lente estava embaçando tão rápido! Há supostamente um mini parque aquático no hotel, então meu amigo Colleen e eu estamos prestes a ir encontrá-lo! O tempo ensolarado é uma surpresa tão agradável porque ontem o tempo disse que ia invadir. Estas fotos foram tiradas no meu aniversário na semana passada na cidade absolutamente maravilhosa do Porto! Que sonho …



Pretty Little Bird

Hi loves! I have been in the mood to get rid of things lately and I think this romper is one of them! There are certain things in my closet that I never/rarely gravitate towards and others that I love so much I've worn them once ... which makes little sense. I'm making it a point to wear those items and I've found that, with the first category of garments, they are often ill-fitting and unflattering. I don't feel great in them. And this romper is one of them. I'm actually sitting at a coffee shop in it right now, wishing I was in something else haha. At least it's comfortable though! I went through a phase a long time ago where I got rid of anything that was even remotely small but then I started buying things that were too big for me. I feel like I'm finally balancing out and have become increasingly picky about fit and fabric content. I guess I'm growing up! I know and understand my body and what I look/feel good in and after making myself wear this romper today it's time to add it to the giveaway pile! And as for the items that I covet and never wear, I'm telling myself that it's time to put them on and flaunt them! There's no time like the present - as cliché as that is. And sometimes you need to wear them for a day to figure out which category they're really in.  

Cheers to shedding what you need to shed and savoring the good things!

Somehow this turned into a metaphor about life haha! 



Fire & Ice

Ayyy bae bae. So much new! I moved into my own place this week and life is GOOD! I am living in downtown Long Beach, three blocks from work (a seven minute stroll), and three blocks from the beach! It has an amazing view and most my new coworkers live in the same hood too. I literally haven't driven and haven't needed to for the past three days. I can walk EVERYWHERE! I feel so so so grateful that this gypsy summer of mine is ending on such a high note. A space that is all mine and so fine. 

New life who dis?!

 It's Mariamma b*tches.