Say A Little Prayer For You

Hi there babes. I’m currently sitting in front of the fan, melting slowly in this sultry tropical heat. It is officially summer! This week my head has been in the clouds a bit. I’m trying to remember to stay grounded, appreciating that I am here in Brasil after all these years of saudades, and enjoying the hustle. My dance class keeps me in-tune. I could live here forever just because of that class. Last night two of the younger dancers in class performed something they have been rehearsing and it was incredible … African dance meets modern meets spoken word poetry. I teared up with gratitude that I was in the room, across the world from where I was nurtured, being nurtured by dance as a grown woman.  I feel so lucky to be who I am where I am in moments like that. I hope you are all having a lovely week! 

Olá bebês. Atualmente estou sentada na frente do ventilador, derretendo lentamente nesse calor tropical quente. É oficialmente verão! Esta semana minha cabeça esteve nas nuvens um pouco. Eu estou tentando lembrar de ficar ancorado, apreciando que estou aqui no Brasil depois de todos esses anos de saudades, e curtindo a agitação. Minha aula de dança me mantém em sintonia. Eu poderia viver aqui para sempre só por causa dessa aula. Ontem à noite, dois dos jovens bailarinos em sala de aula apresentaram algo que estavam ensaiando e foi incrível… a dança africana encontra a palavra moderna e a poesia da palavra falada. Eu comovei com gratidão que eu estava na sala, do outro lado do mundo, de onde eu fui nutrida, sendo nutrida pela dança como uma mulher adulta. Eu me sinto com muita sorte por ser quem eu sou onde estou em momentos como esse. Espero que todos vocês tenham uma ótima semana!




Bom dia babes! Today is my Monday so to speak but I have begun working more at night rather than in the morning so I've had a very leisurely morning. I went to the gym yesterday and am so sore today. I had trouble crouching down to get something from a bottom drawer in my dresser this morning haha. I love being sore though. It lets me know that I actually worked yesterday! With a work schedule that fluctuates, so does the rest of my schedule ... but so far it's working well for me. It's nice to sometimes have mornings off, and sometimes be done by noon. It's a nice balance. Plus, working so close to where I live means that no time is wasted on commuting so I still feel like have a lot of free time. Last year I felt like my life revolved around working ... making sure I got enough sleep for work, that my car had gas in it, and I didn't have a lot of time to grocery shop and focus on what I was feeding myself. I am so grateful for where I'm at. 



Fire & Ice

Ayyy bae bae. So much new! I moved into my own place this week and life is GOOD! I am living in downtown Long Beach, three blocks from work (a seven minute stroll), and three blocks from the beach! It has an amazing view and most my new coworkers live in the same hood too. I literally haven't driven and haven't needed to for the past three days. I can walk EVERYWHERE! I feel so so so grateful that this gypsy summer of mine is ending on such a high note. A space that is all mine and so fine. 

New life who dis?!

 It's Mariamma b*tches.