Bom dia babes! Today is my Monday so to speak but I have begun working more at night rather than in the morning so I've had a very leisurely morning. I went to the gym yesterday and am so sore today. I had trouble crouching down to get something from a bottom drawer in my dresser this morning haha. I love being sore though. It lets me know that I actually worked yesterday! With a work schedule that fluctuates, so does the rest of my schedule ... but so far it's working well for me. It's nice to sometimes have mornings off, and sometimes be done by noon. It's a nice balance. Plus, working so close to where I live means that no time is wasted on commuting so I still feel like have a lot of free time. Last year I felt like my life revolved around working ... making sure I got enough sleep for work, that my car had gas in it, and I didn't have a lot of time to grocery shop and focus on what I was feeding myself. I am so grateful for where I'm at.