Junk Yard

T-Shirt - Hanes | Shorts - Vintage | Moccasins - Minnettonka 

This was one of the first spots my cousin took me to in the desert. Artist Noah Purifoy created this "Outdoor Desert Art Museum" out of 'junk' items. It is open to the public in the Mojave Desert and we had a lot of fun wandering around in the dust and sand. I've had today off which is nice. I am looking forward to a couple restful days. On Mothers Day last weekend I worked a 14 hour shift and I've been feeling like I'm on the verge of getting sick ever since so I'm taking it really easy today. I cleaned a bit this morning (still wasn't totally unpacked from the desert), caught up with my friend Jenelle on the phone, and then headed to my favorite coffee shop to catch up on some blogging ;) and eat one of their delicious paninis haha! I picked up all the items from the tailor yesterday and I'm thinking of doing a little post on that. I dropped off two more items yesterday though so maybe I'll wait 'til those are done as well. Getting things tailored isn't necessarily cheap, but it makes a lot more sense than throwing $$ away on cheap items that won't last. I'm really excited to wear these items that I've had tucked away for so long!