Montana for a Minute

Here are some photos from around April’s house. The last photo was right after getting a huckleberry milkshake a mile down the road. The daisy photos were taken in April’s yard and I’m so glad we made time to take them! They turned out great!


Aqui estão algumas fotos da casa de Abril. A última foto foi logo depois de ter um milkshake de huckleberry uma milha abaixo da estrada. As fotos das margaridas foram tiradas no quintal de Abril e estou muito feliz por termos tido tempo para levá-las! Eles ficaram ótimos!

Horseback Riding

If you knew me as a kid at all, you know my love of horses. I still have a chunk of money saved in bank in Missoula for my "future horse." Someday ... My cousin's friend George offered to take me riding as a late birthday present and it was hands down the best gift. I got to ride a Strawberry Roan that was as sweet as he was large. We drove out into the cut above Arlee for a good hour, drank some Summer Shandy's and went on a 6 hour ride! It was so beautiful and exhilarating. There really is nothing better than a gallop up a mountain. 



Run Wild

My cousin April is training for a half marathon next month and I've been tagging along on her runs. Usually I run alongside her with the stroller and my nephew, which adds a little extra exercise, but today his dad took him so I got to do the whole run hands free! It felt so good! We cut through a field with a gorgeous pond and wildflowers everywhere. There's nothing quite like this fresh mountain air!